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Flat Commercial Roofs Require Special Types of Attention

Denver roof systems cover a wide range of general types and approaches to providing buildings with protection from the elements. The steeply sloped roofs that most homes in the area are equipped with mostly do an excellent job of shedding everything from rain to icy snow.

For commercial buildings, that style of roofing is often not realistic, however desirable it might be. Especially for commercial buildings that cover a great deal of space with their footprints, roofs that either slope gently or not at all are typically much more practical. Whereas adding a roof with a steep slope to it would inflate the overall cost of such a building significantly, a flat one might be added for a fraction of the price.

That often turns out to be the best way to go, but it does mean accepting and needing to deal with some associated challenges. The experts at commercial roofing Denver building owners turn to for help are ready to provide any type of support that might be needed.

Staying on Top of Common Flat and Low-Slope Commercial Roofing Challenges

In fact, large commercial roofs with little or no slope can be every bit as reliable as might be hoped. Ensuring that they remain this way will normally requiring paying attention to issues including:

Drainage. Roofs with steep slopes shed water and even some snow quite easily and naturally. Flat commercial roofs, on the other hand, typically need to be designed and supported very well to allow this to happen. The single most common related danger is that a mostly flat roof will develop even slight depressions that can allow for the accumulation of standing water. Should these deposits not be noticed, they can start doing damage over time as the moisture they contain begins to wreak havoc on the underlying materials. Making sure that such problems never crop up without being addressed always has to be a priority.

Maintenance. The basic nature of the average flat, commercial roof implies that it has less of a safety margin compared to a steeply sloped one. Whereas a bit of wear on the shingles of a peaked residential roof might not be worrisome, flat commercial roofs are more demanding. As a result, keeping up with maintenance consistently and effectively should always be a top priority.

A Roof Ready to Serve for Many Years

While there are certainly challenges inherent in keeping flat roofs in prime condition, these can always be overcome. Simply working with an experienced, dedicated specialist at this type of roofing will normally be enough.


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